Dream Aquarium Screensaver v1.2413

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Dream Aquarium Screensaver v1.2413

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Dream Aquarium is a next-generation aquarium screensaver that brings the beauty of a lush freshwater aquarium to your computer with unsurpassed realism.


· The most realistic fish motion and behavior of any virtual aquarium.
· A fiddler crab that cleans the bottom of the aquarium and chases fish.
· Fish have articulated fins, moving eyes, gills and mouth.
· Beautiful shifting light rays, ground ripples, gently waving plants that fish can swim into, soft shadows cast by fish, configurable bubble streams, auto-feeding.
· Add well over a hundred fish (from 18 species), and change settings without having to exit the aquarium.
· Free demo aquarium screensaver contains NO adware or spyware.
· Widescreen formatting, multi-monitor support & much more!

To change options, click on the right button mouse and "ESC" to close.


Credit : clair

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